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Mission Statement

At WHIM, we believe in healing oriented medicine that considers all aspects of a patient's life.  We emphasize the therapeutic relationship between a patient and their doctor. We prioritize the concept of DO NO HARM and to utilize the least invasive treatment options available.  We use a science based integrative approach to healing that incorporates our patient's choices into their health plan.  We educate and empower our patients in making the lifestyle changes that  improve their overall health and arguably more important, improve their quality of life.  

General Health

Not feeling well or just need an annual exam? We do it all! We also perform sports physicals and referrals for injuries. Whether you're sick or only need some routine maintenance, we're here for you!


Sometimes there are obstacles to coming into a medical office, but help is still available. Our doctors can meet you over a HIPAA compliant connection. Same day appointments available!

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