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Doctor Meryl Held DO

Accepting Patients

Dr. Held is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She is a graduate of Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Ascension Health St. John Oakland-Macomb Hospital in Michigan. She acted as Chief Resident and was honored as Resident of the Year in 2011. Dr. Held has over 13 years of clinical experience as a traditional osteopathic medical physician in both the outpatient and hospital settings. She has held admitting privileges at Beaumont Hospital, Ascension Health medical systems and McLaren Health systems. She believes that for optimal success, a patient must be a partner in their health plan. She is committed to getting to the root cause of medical issues and utilizes all treatment modalities to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

From Dr. Held:

"This country is in crisis. Lifestyle related diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. And patients are confused! They are being mislead by media and well intentioned health interventions that do not address the underlying reasons for the declining health in this country. Advertising and grocery stores and websites and news shows are all angled to sell something to the community. Stress levels have gone up, sleep has gone down and many people no longer have the support of community culture. How do we optimize health in these circumstances? Most traditional patient doctor appointments are less than 15 minutes. 15 minutes just doesn’t allow for the tools or the time to know or patients or to guide them towards true healing. Physicians can no longer just acquiesce to the failing system in a sick society. Our patients require more. We need more time, and we need more tools. Not only to understand traditional medicine, but also to understand the emerging science of the microbiome, the mind body connection and lifestyle medicine. Our patients need us to not just treat a problem but to identify the underlying why to their problem. They need us to create a plan that works in the their unique situation so that they have a real and viable avenue to success, treatment and true healing!"

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