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Doctor Simone Cowan DO FACC

Accepting Patients

Dr Cowan is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Adult Cardiology. She graduated from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2008 and completed her Internal Medicine residency and Cardiology fellowship at Ascension Health St. John Oakland-Macomb Hospital in Michigan. Dr. Cowan has over 13 years of clinical experience as an osteopathic medical physician and has been a respected member of faculty at Beaumont Hospital and the Ascension Health medical systems.

She compliments her traditional medical training with the principles of osteopathic medicine to bring an integrated, holistic approach to the care of her patients. She believes that the patient/doctor relationship is a partnership and that an active involvement in medical decision making, by both patient and doctor, is essential for success.

From Dr. Cowan:

“As medical students, residents and physicians we are trained rigorously on how to utilize the latest imaging, invasive procedures and medications to manage the sickest of patients. We often overlook the importance of nontraditional alternatives and the mind body interplay, not only in the healing process but also in the prevention of disease. I injured my lower back a few years ago and no analgesic or steroid injection offered me the amount of pain relief and improved mobility that acupuncture, yoga, massage and meditation offered. We tend to be reactive in medicine when we ought to be proactive. We should not wait for disease and then act. The goal of medicine and medical research for that matter should be to prevent disease but this requires a fundamental change in how we engage, educate and motivate our patients. The effort and time that this approach requires is difficult under the constraints of the current system of medicine. Patients should expect better, and they deserve better."

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